Vantage Premium Straight Stair Lift

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The Vantage Stair Lift

The Vantage Stair Lift by Harmar is high on quality and design and low on cost! You are guaranteed a smooth ride up and down the stairs and with the backup battery system you will have peace of mind should the power ever go out in your home. The Vantage Stair Lift is practically maintenance free beyond the normal cleaning of the unit itself. The lift also features two wireless remotes, allowing for total control, whether you are in the lift, or lifting someone else. The seat, arms, and footrest all fold up and out of the way to maximize space on your stair case. Overall, we really like this lift and with it’s warranty of three years on parts and one year on labor, its a home run! Before ordering, please refer to the measuring chart below the video.

Measuring Overview and Guide

When installing a stair lift, the key is to begin with proper measurements. It really is very easy to measure for a stairlift. All you need is a tape measure. Take a general overview of your stairway layout and decide which side of the staircase the stairlift will be mounted on, when viewed from the bottom. The lift may be mounted on the banister side if desired. No wall is necessary as the stairlift mounts to the stair treads, not a wall. Be aware that the stairlift rail will overhang the top landing by approximately 6″ and meet the floor at the foot of the stairs approximately 14″ beyond the nose of the first step.

Start Here:

All measurements should be recorded in inches.


1. The most important measurement is marked as #1, Overall Length, on our guide below. This determines the length that we cut your rail for the lift. To obtain this measurement stand at the top of your stairs, extend your tap measure until it is laying on all the stair treads and the tip of the tape measure is touching the landing at the bottom of the steps.

2. Next measure from the edge of the top step to the edge of the first step. Mark this in block 2.

3. Next, measure the width of your staircase and enter the measurement into block 3, marked Staircase Width.

4. If there is a wall or a door at the bottom of the steps as illustrated as 4 on the diagram below, please measure from the bottom step to the wall.

5. The last three measurements (5,6,7) will enable us to preset the seat angle of your lift at the factory. Please measure each according to the diagram and enter the measurement results in at checkout under notes.

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  • Speed regulator for comfortable, constant speed in both directions
  • Modern styling with upholstered seat
  • Traditional rack & pinion drive system for cost effectiveness
  • Simple & durable design using 20% fewer parts
  • Quick & easy installation keeps total cost down
  • Covered gear rack keeps your stairs clean
  • Compact, folds to 13.6” to allow others to pass by
  • DC drive system can operate several cycles during power outages
  • Powerful for stair inclines up to 45-degrees
  • Includes 2 wireless remotes
  • Holds up to 300lbs
  • ETL Listed – 3148125


  • Seat Width: 19″
  • Distance from wall: 5″
  • Top Speed: 19ft Per minute
  • Incline Limit: 30 – 45 degrees


  • 3 years on parts
  • 1 year on battery


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