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Portable Wheelchair Accessible Showers and Accessories

Our handicap showers are portable and wheelchair accessible showers made for people in wheelchairs, or anyone who has difficulty using a traditional shower or tub. No bathroom remodel is required -these shower stalls can be setup anywhere in your home. Warm water comes from your faucet. Waste water is pumped into the sink or toilet. After bath, you fold the shower up and store it away, easy as that!

Our patented design allows you to enter the shower very easily: the shower tray collapses when you step on it or your wheelchair rolls over it, but bounces back automatically. Free standing shower screens can be moved out of the way when you get in or out the shower. They can easily be stored in between each use, they adapt to existing faucets, very easy to clean, works better than a sponge bath, and is a trusted solution for personal home use, care facilities, retirement homes, and hospitals alike.

We are proud to offer the following models:

Recent Customer Testimonial…

Connie M

Idaho Falls, ID

Thank you so much for your service. Your parts got out bath lift back in working order. You have no idea how much we appreciate finding you and locating a system that put the lift back in motion. 
Many thanks.