Recliner Portable Shower


This model is designed for a person to bathe inside the shower in a reclining position. A person in a recliner type shower-wheelchair is rolled into the shower for bath. A person can also lie down on a bench inside the shower. This model is perfect for individuals that need to lie down and have caretakers or family members that can assist in bathing. Enjoy taking a hot shower again!

The Recliner Model differs from the Standard Model in 3 ways:

1. Overall height of the shower is reduced to 3-foot tall
2. Shower tray extends to 7-foot length
3. Shower screens are tri-fold in order to reduce folding size

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  • Tray size: 3 ft wide by x 7 ft long
  • Tray weight: Only 8 lbs
  • Overall height: 3ft tall
  • Individual screen folded size: 3′ tall x 4′ wide x 3″ thick
  • Individual screen weight: Only 6 lbs

What’s included: 

(1) handheld shower head with 7′ hose
(1) adaptor to connect hose to faucet
(1) divert valve to connect hose to existing shower
(1) flexible wheelchair-accessible shower tray
(1) pair of shower screens with sliding curtains and hook
(1) pump with hose, filter for water water disposal


1. faucet adaptor (aerator type) has both male and female threads
2. Handheld shower head and faucet adaptor are pre-assembled
2. Shower screens require a one-time assembly with a screwdriver
3. Pump and hose connection required no tool (hand tightening only)


  • One year warranty


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