The Effect of the Pandemic on Older Adults

The effect of the pandemic on older adults has been a significant one. There are more underlying conditions in this population, such as respiratory illness, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes. A more compromised immune system may have a tougher time fighting off the virus. This may put many seniors in a more vulnerable position.

So, it stands to reason that many older adults may have more concern over the medical impact of the pandemic. The older adults who receive care from a nursing or retirement home may be even more susceptible to cases.

While the medical risk to the virus is high, seniors also face some societal issues related to the response.

Health Effect of Pandemic on Older Adults


Seniors who maintained an active social life leading into the pandemic may feel the sting of isolation. If they were used to volunteering, meeting friends or family for indoor restaurant meals, or having regular visitors to their home, they may have been significantly impacted when the social dynamics shifted.

Seniors who are looking to stay cautious may still visit with friends outdoors, use technology to stay in touch, and find other ways to achieve human connection.

Mental Health  

Isolation and loneliness are common problems for the elderly when we are not in a pandemic. It’s common for these feelings to give way to depression. The list of precautions and the ramifications of getting sick can also lead to prolonged anxiety.

It’s important for adults of any age, especially seniors, that are feeling the long-term effects of the pandemic to seek out mental health treatment that they may need. Many therapists are offering telehealth appointments so that this can be done without compromising your health.

Older Adults Face Unique Challenges

The senior population faces its own unique challenges when it comes to the impacts of Covid-19. The health effect of the pandemic on older adults can be significant. Because they are more medically at risk, they may need to take more precautions to stay safe. They also need to monitor their mental health and feelings of isolation.

It’s important to check in on older friends and family to make sure that they are doing well in this pandemic.


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