Staying Physically Active During Quarantine

While we’re largely living under a stay-at-home order, this isn’t an excuse to live a sedentary existence. The couch, and extra hours during your day to watch television may feel inviting. But for seniors, movement is a crucial part of well-being. We need to stay physically active during quarantine as a means to stay healthy.

With gyms and some outdoor areas closed, we’re often left to our own devices for exercise. But there are plenty of activities that you can do outside or at home to remain physically active. When you get physical exercise, it drastically improves your physical and mental health, something that we can all benefit from – especially during a pandemic.

Ideas for Staying Physically Active During Quarantine

Exercise Videos 

There is no shortage of videos for at-home workout routines at all levels – many offered for free. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can find guidance on aerobics, yoga, or any other routine you’re looking for.


Biking offers a great way for seniors to get some outdoor exercise and see nature. It’s something that can easily be adapted to an individual’s fitness level.


Simply taking short walks can have a tremendous health benefit, especially when the alternative would include sitting. Simply getting outdoors for the occasional 10-minute walk can improve your mental state.


The simple stretches associated with yoga can have tremendous physical benefits. It can aid flexibility, strength, and improve your awareness of your body.

Invest in an Elliptical or Treadmill

We’ll eventually run into some inclement weather. Summer rains will force us indoors. Maybe there is some small lap around your home or apartment that you can walk. If that’s too awkward, a treadmill or elliptical allows you the option to keep moving, even as the weather is bad.

Whatever You Choose, Keep Moving

Physical activity is crucial to our health and well-being. Staying physically active during quarantine is crucial – especially for seniors. With a little ingenuity, it’s easily possible.

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