Dualer Power Wheelchair by Merits


Superb maneuverability defines the Dualer, for easy access around your home. When there is simply not enough room to turn around, just rotate the seat in the opposite direction and drive back out! To change the drive wheel positioning, simply rotate the chair 180 degrees, lock it in place, and you’re ready to roll. Reach upper cabinets and grocery store shelves with ease using the power elevating seat, which is included FREE.

What Makes This Different
The Dualer is so versatile! If you’re a first-time power chair user, you can start by using this chair in rear wheel drive. In rear wheel drive, your power chair naturally tracks in a straight path, which means you’ll have excellent control over your chair. Once you’re a powerchair pro, you can turn the Dualer’s seat around, making it into front wheel drive to really maximize maneuverability and enjoy a more direct-response driving experience. Another wonderful feature that comes standard with this chair is its power-elevating seat – an expensive option on most other power chairs. The power elevating seat will give you the ability to raise your seat from its base of 22″ all the way up to 27″.

Why We Like It
The great two-in-one power base feature of the Dualer lets you maneuver without having to make as many three point turns as many of its competitors, since you can simply pivot the seat and drive in the opposite direction. The turning radius of this chair is just 21 inches, which is quite small for a full size power wheelchair.


Product Summary

      • Unique two-in-one power base rotates for front or rear wheel drive
      • Power-elevating seat at no extra charge!
      • Superb handling and an amazing value
      • Easy to convert from RWD to FWD, 2-in-1 powerchair, ideal chair for indoor as well as outdoor use.
      • Unique compact size for maximum maneuverability in narrow space and walkway.
      • Height adjustable flip-up armrests can provide seat width adjusted.
      • Start with RWD and move to FWD by rotating the chair 180°, to enjoy direct-drive, direct-response feeling.
      • Turning radius is only 53cm/ 21”.


Drive Range: 18.00 miles
Top Speed: 5.00 mph
Disassembles: No
Heaviest Piece: 97 lbs.
Turning Radius: 21.00″
Ground Clearance: 2.00″
Tire Type: Foam Filled
Maximum Incline Rating: 12 º
Drive Type: Front and Rear Wheel Drive
Foldable: No
Armrest Options: Flip-Back
Legrest Options: Footplate
Upgradable Elevating Legrests
Seat Options: Power Elevating Seat
Captain’s Seat
Power Chair Seat Width: 18″
Seat Depths: 16″
Back Height: 18″
Seat Height: 22″ to 27″
Overall Width: 24.00″
Overall Length: 38.00″
Battery Type: Two 12V U1 Batteries
Batteries Included: Yes
Battery Charger Type: Off Board
Drive Wheel Size: 10″
Caster Size: 8″
Caster Type: Solid
Base Weight: 97.00 lbs.
Standard Seat Weight: 40.00 lbs.
Battery Pack Weight: 52.00 lbs.
Weight Without Batteries: 137.00 lbs.
Suspension: No
Seat Width Ranges: 18″ – 19″


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