Acorn Vs. Bruno – Which Stairlift company is better?

  If you’re reading this its because you, or someone you know, needs a stair lift. A stairlift goes by many names, including: stair chair, stairway chair,or chairlift. I’ve even heard the phrase stairway chair lifter (try saying that 10 times fast). However you refer to them, they all do the same thing: [...]

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Less Stress for an Aging Parent Living at Home

Caring for an aging parent can be a stressful process. You may worry about their health, the future, and whether they're getting the care they need. While these concerns are valid, there are ways to reduce your stress and ensure that you're doing all you can to help your parents age comfortably at home. First, [...]

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Which Power Mobility Chair is Right for Me?

When one begins to lose mobility while aging at home, a power mobility chair can help someone continue to live an independent lifestyle by allowing them to easily navigate different areas while also carrying items such as bags, groceries, and more. But how do you decide which powered mobility chair is right for you? Power [...]

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How to Install a Bathtub Lift in 7 Easy Steps

One of the biggest advantages of a bathtub lift is that it's very easy to install. When the bathtub lift arrives in the box, it's already about 95% assembled! There are only a few steps left for you to complete to ensure that your bathtub works properly, and here they are: 1. Open the bathtub lift [...]

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The Benefits of a Bathtub Lift vs a Walk-In Tub

For an aging adult losing mobility, being able to bathe without help is key to maintaining a sense of independence and privacy. Moreover, a warm bath can help soothe aching muscles and joints and improve health. But when it comes to handicap bathroom solutions, many people are often confused by the difference between walk-in tubs [...]

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Aging at Home vs Aging at Nursing Homes

When starting to age, a family is often faced with the decision of whether their loved one should age at home or age at a nursing home. There are many factors to consider while weighing the pros and cons of nursing homes versus in home care, but with the relevant knowledge and information, families can [...]

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Earth Day 2014: How the Environment Impacts Aging

  On Earth Day, we take a moment to consider how our actions impact the Earth; however, it’s also important to take note of how the environment can affect aging. The Environmental Protection Agency states that its mission is “to protect human health and safeguard the natural environment,” going on to clarify that this means [...]

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