Deltis Bath Master Bath LIft Easier Than Pie

Eaasier than pie.

I was trying to figure out what medical equipment, I would need once I was discharged from the nursing home following my stroke. I did not think I would need a bathtub lift since my home has 2 walk-in showers with built-in seats.  However, reality set in the first time I took a shower and felt that I had to hold onto a grab bar, the whole time I was in the shower.  Also, it was more difficult getting my non-responsive left leg over the threshold than I had anticipated.  My dear husband got into the shower with me and he kept a hand on my gait belt for safety.  It was a bit crowded in there.

This early recuperation period was difficult for us to figure out.  Then I got a video demonstrating th Deltis Bath Master bath tub lift.  A few days later, it arrived.  My husband reviewed the video and found that setting up the bath lifting device was quite simple an easy for him to do.  The unit’s battery arrived charged.  The unit fit into the tub easily.  The next afternoon, we figured out how I would enter the bathroom,  transfer fom my wheel chair and slide down the shower bench onto the side of the Bath Master Deltis.

In hind sight, we could  have removed the arm from my wheel chair and I could have slid directly onto the Delta Bath Master  It held my weight(135 pounds) easily.  My husband helped bring my legs into the tub.  We used a hand held shower head to wash my hair and rinse off the soap.

I felt secure sitting on the Deltis Bathmaster  as I slowly descended into the tub of nice warm water.  I got clean and didn’t feel anxious during the shower/shampoo part of this experience.

I showed this item to the visiting nurse and physical therapist.  Both commented on how the design of this lift was superior to others their patients had/used.  They liked the secure back on the lift.  And so do I.

My husband only had to take 3 measurements  the depth, internal width and length of the tub   it fit into the tub easily.

Sue G Mountain Home, AR

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