• Includes free shipping and a Free Comfort Cover Set  

    • Lightweight construction with a compact frame
    • Holds up to a 375 lb capacity
    • 4 year warranty on the frame, motor, hand control, battery, and charger
    • Antimicrobial Covers included for Free
    • Only requires a one hour charging time
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    Tilt Toilet Incline Lift

    The TILT™ Toilet Incline Lift from EZ-ACCESS is the right solution to help prevent falls in the bathroom while using the toilet. Seniors are injured every day getting on and off the toilet, but with the TILT™ Toilet Incline Lift, you experience comfort and safety that combines the functionality of a heavy duty commode and a lift chair into one easy-to-use bathroom safety solution. The TILT™ is equipped with Companion Control to allow the user or caregiver to easily operate the seat with the push of a button. The TILT’s frame and assembly is protected by a plastic shield, which can easily be removed to be cleaned. The TILT™ is designed for easy installation and comes with a 2-year warranty.  
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    Although the LiteShower™ Tall Model is wheelchair accessible, it is largely used as a general purpose portable shower, such as: A portable shower that can be set up quickly anywhere in a home or campsite A mobile shower in an emergency shelter A quick shower in a warehouse in case of chemical spill (Hazmat shower) The Tall Model measures 6 feet tall, which allows a person to walk in the shower and bathes just like a normal shower. The shower does allow a wheelchair to enter and exit easily because of the collapsible shower tray. This portable shower is designed for the end user or caretaker to operate with ease. Order yours today! Includes FREE SHIPPING!
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    The standard portable shower is our best seller! By far it is the most compact, portable, and easy to use portable shower on the market! Say goodbye to cold sponge baths and say hello to a therapeutic hot shower with the added comfort of privacy and portability. This portable shower is designed for the end user or caretaker to operate with ease. Order yours today! Includes FREE SHIPPING!
  • Do the math. Check our Sonaris 2 XL Bath Tub Lift Bundle Packages and compare them to other dealers? You pay a lot less than anywhere else. Our prices are even lower than Amazon! Fast UPS Shipping with our orders. Our Bundles are special packages designed to save you money. The Sonaris 2 XL Bundle comes with a comfort cover set, the antimicrobial swivel and slide, and the new and improved hand control which only requires 1 hour of charging as opposed to 6-8 like the other brands, and two extra suction cups, and an unbeatable four year warranty that will make sure you have security in your purchase. Get everything you need all at once and save money in the process!
  • The Swivel and Slide by Performance Health makes transferring in and out of the bathtub a breeze for those that need a little extra help, have limited mobility, or use a care taker. The soft padding on the seat base is specifically designed to provide added comfort while in use. The functionality of the Swivel and Slide would be similar to a lazy Susan that glides from left to right on  a track making transfers easy and safe. This is a perfect match for any bathtub lift you are buying. *Bundle together with any bathtub lift and save $29.99!  
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    This model is designed for a person to bathe inside the shower in a reclining position. A person in a recliner type shower-wheelchair is rolled into the shower for bath. A person can also lie down on a bench inside the shower. This model is perfect for individuals that need to lie down and have caretakers or family members that can assist in bathing. Enjoy taking a hot shower again! The Recliner Model differs from the Standard Model in 3 ways: 1. Overall height of the shower is reduced to 3-foot tall 2. Shower tray extends to 7-foot length 3. Shower screens are tri-fold in order to reduce folding size Order yours today and get FREE SHIPPING!
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    Simple to use, durable, and works great! Fits most toilets and supports up to 300lbs! With not tools needed on the installation, it makes this raised toilet seat the one to get!
  • This is our Bathmater Deltis Bath Lift Bundle Package. Do the math and save. You get the Deltis premium bath lift with 3 year warranty and our award winning antimicrobial swivel and slide for one low price. With our coupon you save $30 over ordering them separately. We have Fast UPS Shipping and a Free cover for your comfort. All Bathmaster Deltis bathtub lifts sold by HomeAccessProducts.com include an incredible 3 year warranty. We import themfrom Germany, the Deltis Bath Lift is made of the finest materials. Constructed of the finest materials, it is the finest bath lift in it's price range. Why settle for less?
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