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    There are times where you find that you need a little more room to be comfortable. Our Bariatric portable shower is the perfect solution! A person in a wheelchair can easily roll in, or transfer in on a shower bench to enjoy that therapeutic hot shower once again! The screens are designed to add privacy but also they can be easily moved aside in the event that a care taker is present. Order yours today and get FREE SHIPPING!
    • Lightweight and compact construction frame and design
    • Complimentary Back and Seat cover included
    • Latest battery technology - 1 hour charge
    • Sturdy motor designed to accommodate up to 300lbs
    • Three Year Warranty
    • Soak in your tub once again!
  • Description

    This Bathtub Grab Bar Safety Rail by Drive Medical was designed to fit just about any style of bathtub. The attractive white powder coated steel frame is durable and aesthetically pleasing. Depending on your preference, the grip bar is available in different variations allowing you to find the perfect fit for your needs. The angle of the grab bar, available in either perpendicular or parallel, allowing you to find the model which is compatible with your needs. The adjustable width clamp attaches by turning the locking mechanism which tightens the rubber pads on all bath tub contact points. The rubber pads prevents scratching of the tubs surface and ensure a secure fit. The Bathtub Grab Bar Safety Rail is easy to install without needing tools. Please note this safety rail is not for use on fiberglass tubs.
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    For people permanently confined to bed (paralyzed, for example), sponge bath is usually the only bathing solution. Sponge bath never measures to a real shower bath. A real shower bath not only maintains general hygiene, reduces skin infection, and but also provides full-body relaxation. The LiteShower™ Shower-in-bed allows any person to take a real shower bath in bed - without leaving the bed.This model is perfect for individuals that need to lie down and have caretakers or family members that can assist in bathing. Enjoy taking a hot shower again! Order yours today and get FREE SHIPPING! How it works: Generally roll the patient to one side of the bed Place the self-supporting and collapsible shower tray on the bed Generally roll the patient inside the shower tray - tray collapse to less than 1-inch thick and bounces back automatically Put a pillow underneath the shower tray to raise patient's head position Connect a handheld shower to an indoor faucet with a single snap action. Control water temperature and flow at the faucet. Shower head has ON/OFF control button Bathe the patient To drain waste water in the tray, you place a special water pump anywhere outside the tray. Pump has a suction hose going into the tray and a discharge hose that drains water into your sink or toilet. Pump can run dry and requires no prime - just plug in the power cord Dry the shower tray and the patient Generally roll the patient out of the tray Remove the tray and fold it away Snap off the handheld shower from the faucet - your faucet goes back to normal use
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    Our Bundle Package includes one of our Swivel and Slide Transfer Aids. If you want a Drive Bellavita Bath Lift combo deal at a great price, you have come to the right spot. We include the Swivel and Slide, a $129.99 value. Quantities are limited so order today. This Drive Bellavita bath lift bundle package includes a white cover, fast shipping, a blue, antimicrobial swivel slide and a 3 year warranty. It is our most popular bathtub lift combo package. The innovative Bellavita is the lightest bath lift on the market weighing only 20.5 pounds. The swivel is only a pound and totally portable. It is designed for tubs up to 18" deep. WATCH OUR VIDEO BELOW! 
  • Your Bath Lift includes: 

    • Hand Control - Free Charger - Free Battery
    • Free UPS Shipping
    • Complimentary Back and Seat covers
    • The Best Rated Bath Lift on the Market
    • Outstanding three year warranty
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    This clamp on tub rail designed by world renowned architect/designer Michael Graves features both beauty and functionality. The signature MG "Orange Activates" incorporated into Michael Graves designs allows for a visual pin point signifying easy operation. The orange turn knob is easy to adjust allowing for one step installation. The base clamp is width adjustable from 3"-7", fitting most standard-sized tubs. The greatest feature on the Michael Graves tub rail is the contoured soap and shampoo holder. Steel construction ensures durability while a clean white and blue/grey finish will complement any style bathroom. The oversized handle can be height adjusted from 14" - 17" for personal comfort ensuring optimum stability and security. Not only is this tub rail guaranteed to make your bathing experience more enjoyable but it won't scratch your tub and will ensure a safer and more comfortable bathing experience. US Patent No D566,250.
  • This is our Bathmater Deltis Bath Lift Bundle Package. Do the math and save. You get the Deltis premium bath lift with 3 year warranty and our award winning antimicrobial swivel and slide for one low price. With our coupon you save $29 vs ordering them separately. We have Fast UPS Shipping and a Free cover for your comfort. All Bathmaster Deltis bathtub lifts sold by HomeAccessProducts.com include an incredible 3 year warranty. We import them from Germany, the Deltis Bath Lift is made of the finest materials. Constructed of the finest materials, it is the finest bath lift in its price range. Why settle for less?
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    Simple to use, durable, and works great! Fits most toilets and supports up to 300lbs! With not tools needed on the installation, it makes this raised toilet seat the one to get!
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    This model is designed for a person to bathe inside the shower in a reclining position. A person in a recliner type shower-wheelchair is rolled into the shower for bath. A person can also lie down on a bench inside the shower. This model is perfect for individuals that need to lie down and have caretakers or family members that can assist in bathing. Enjoy taking a hot shower again! The Recliner Model differs from the Standard Model in 3 ways: 1. Overall height of the shower is reduced to 3-foot tall 2. Shower tray extends to 7-foot length 3. Shower screens are tri-fold in order to reduce folding size Order yours today and get FREE SHIPPING!