For those with aging parents, how to keep them safe at home may be top of mind. It’s never an easy conversation, but as our parents age, their ability to perform basic tasks may become more limited. Their safety may become compromised in other ways as well.

Below are some common safety concerns to watch out for, and how you can address them.

3 Safety Concerns for Aging Parents

Accessibility – Mobility can be among the first things to go as people age. A set of stairs may present a new challenge. Parents may not be able to stay on their feet for quite as long. If this is the case with your parents, stairlifts or mobility aids may be the way to go.

Home Security – You may have concerns about the ability the security of your parents’ home as they get older. There are simple solutions such as sturdier doors, inserting a peephole, and stronger locks. All of these solutions provide more protection. 

Accident Prevention – Safety from room to room can be an issue with aging parents. The bathroom, in particular, poses a significant amount of risk. There are a variety of accessories available to make the shower, bathtub, or toilet easier and safer to use.

Technology is an Asset

With today’s technology, you can create a safer home for your aging parents. There are tools such as electronic pill dispensers that can keep your medicines on track. Technology can also be used to monitor vital signs, track movement, or keep track of other daily habits. It may be time to look at what options are available to aid in caring for your loved ones.

If you have questions regarding how to improve the safety of your aging parents’ home, contact us today!