Many people would choose to stay in their home as they age if they are given the choice. That’s natural. We’re comfortable with the environment, and the surrounding community. With a little planning and the incorporation of a few helpful smart home products, that choice can become a reality.

While some seniors may have an aversion to smart home technology and smart home products, incorporating it into the home environment can make aging in place easier.

3 Smart Home Products that Can Help with Aging in Place

Security Systems

Safety is a prime concern for any senior living on their own. This includes safety from intruders, as well as fires, floods, or other disasters. A smart security system can monitor doors and windows, triggering an alarm or notifying authorities when necessary.

It can incorporate smoke alarms or flood sensors as well. The system can be accessed through a smartphone app, giving adult children or caretakers the control they may need.

Voice-Activated Assistants

Voice control is an easy way for seniors to access tools around their house. Lights, sensors, switches, and even locks can be incorporated into a smart home system that is operated by Alexa, Google Home, or a similar voice-activated assistant. This allows seniors to easily control aspects of their home by voice.

Smart Sensors 

A smart sensor can learn your routine and provide useful assistance in a variety of ways. For example, they might be able to turn a light on when you walk into a room. They can monitor activity at doors. They monitor activity at key areas of the home, without the visual intrusion of a camera.

Sensors monitor activity and can alert adult children or caregivers to unusual activity in the routine of loved ones.

Technology and Aging in Place

Aging in place doesn’t have to send a jolt of fear through caregivers and adult children. It can be a safe, liberating experience that gives seniors that remaining independence that they crave. These smart home products are unobtrusive and provide the assistance with aging in place that you may need.


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