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Best Cities for Successful Aging in 2014

The Milken Institute recently released their study Best Cities for Successful Aging, which analyzes how cities are addressing the growing population of older adults and how they enable people to age independently and productively, with security and good health. Since Americans are getting older and living longer, cities need to step up to the plate when [...]

Gift Guide for Seniors Aging at Home

The holidays are approaching, and its time to start making your list and checking it twice. Unsure about what to get an aging parent or grandparent? Use our holiday gift guide to get ideas for presents that your parents will be sure to enjoy on a regular basis.

Cold Weather Care: Tips to Help Your Aging Parent Stay Safe in Winter

As the temperature drops and the dreaded phrase “polar vortex” once again becomes a staple in our vocabulary, people everywhere are preparing for the incoming cold weather. But what does these mean for elderly people aging at home? In winter, older adults have a harder time producing body heat than younger people do, making it [...]

How to Help Veterans Aging at Home

On Veterans Day, we take the time to thank our veterans for their service to our country. Although Veterans Day is a designated time to honor our veterans, its important to remember our veterans year-round and help them as much as possible. Veterans often face many obstacles once back from service, such as Post Traumatic [...]

Staying Active While Aging at Home

As you age at home, it becomes incredibly important to stay active. It can be easy to be sedentary when youre aging at home, but staying active has many crucial health benefits that will help you age comfortably and healthfully. Mentally, staying active will help you sleep better and reduces symptoms of depression by boosting your [...]

How to Choose a Hospice Provider for Aging at Home

As the American population becomes older, more people than ever are choosing to age at home. However, it sometimes becomes difficult for older adults to maintain independence and take care of themselves, especially if the adult is sick or has a disability. In cases like these, hiring a hospice provider might be an option. A hospice provider is [...]

Age at Home with the Help of These Illinois Charities

Although most Americans prefer to age in place, its not always easy. Seniors may have a hard time cooking for themselves, arranging transportation for errands and social activities, and completing household chores. However, some generous charities make it easier for seniors to age at home. Meals on Wheels One in six Americans over the age [...]

Living at Home as You Age with Just a Few Simple Updates

Living at Home as You Age with Just a Few Simple Updates Note: We would like to thank our guest Bob Gorman for his contribution to our blog. Just because you are aging does not mean you have to pack up and move into the nearest retirement center. Many people prefer to remain in the [...]

Mental Activities that Prevent Dementia

As people age, they become more at risk for developing dementia. However, research has shown that participating in mentally challenging leisure activities may reduce the risk of dementia in elderly people. Mental activities that require multitasking, communication, interaction, or organization offer the greatest benefits to your brain. Being mentally engaged lowers your beta amyloid levels, a protein that [...]

Research Shows Boomers Choosing to Age at Home

In a recent study from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, researchers have found that a majority of people over age 45 would like to stay in their current homes as long as possible. However, while more aging Americans want to age in place, many homes still lack basic accessibility features for aging adults with disabilities, such [...]