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Acorn 120 Stair Lift Review

For many individuals with home mobility issues, a two-story home can be more of a burden than a luxury. But stair lifts are a novel way to expand the accessibility to all floors for home owners with leg problems. Often referred to by its manufacturer as The Cadillac of Straight Electric Stair Lifts, Acorn Stair [...]

Selecting a Home Chair Lift

Diseases and old age can make it difficult and impossible to climb the stairs in your home. There is however, a solution to this problem. Having a chair lift installed in your house can be a great relief for you and your loved ones. There are different kinds of chair lifts and it’s important that [...]

Aging and Fitness: Outdoor Activities

During our childhood years, almost every activity could be transformed into fun, and all outdoor activities were crafted to be entertaining activities. From picking of leaves around the school as a cleanup exercise, to competing with friends during gym class, the list is endless. As time goes on, some of this fun and fitness level [...]

Proven Ways of Slowing Down The Aging Process

As you are getting older, your body experiences a series of changes (grey hair, memory loss and lower psychical capacity). You have to face it with reality. You can not stop the aging process. There is absolutely no way that you can stop aging. But, you can slow it down by taking care of your [...]

Revealed: 4 Warning Signs of Depression for the Elderly

Depression is an unfortunate and commonly overlooked condition afflicting many seniors. As social beings, we require a sense of purpose and conversational stimulation for optimal mental health. Unfortunately, a majority of seniors may no longer have the same social relationships they once had- , family may be unable to check-in regularly or may not live [...]

Insights and Tips on How to Help Seniors Recover from Broken Bones

With age comes the frailty of vital body organs exposing seniors to a flurry of injurious situations. Fractures and broken bones become more common as old age sets in. This is especially brought about by reduced flexibility and ability to withstand stressing situations such as sudden falls and tweaks. Worse still, seniors who suffer broken [...]

Aging in Place Resolutions for 2015

As the new year approaches, people of all ages are taking this time to evaluate the past year and prepare for the year ahead. One of the smartest things you can do to plan for the upcoming year is to consider how you plan on addressing your aging. No matter how far off it seems, [...]

Tips for a Fun Holiday Gathering for All Ages

The holidays are a perfect time for family members of all ages to come together and enjoy spending quality time together. With multiple generations gathering in one place, it can be tricky to plan holiday gatherings that are fun and safe for everyone involved. Heres how you can accommodate senior guests at your house so that they [...]

Deltis Bath Master Bath LIft Easier Than Pie

Eaasier than pie. I was trying to figure out what medical equipment, I would need once I was discharged from the nursing home following my stroke. I did not think I would need a bathtub lift since my home has 2 walk-in showers with built-in seats.  However, reality set in the first time I took [...]

What To Do If You Fall During Winter

The temperature drops, snow starts to fall, and just like that, winter is in full swing. But with the beautiful glistening snow comes a higher risk for slips and falls among elderly people living at home.More snow and ice makes for slippery sidewalks and outdoor steps, and its easy for a senior to take one misstep [...]