Selecting a Home Chair Lift

Diseases and old age can make it difficult and impossible to climb the stairs in your home. There is however, a solution to this problem. Having a chair lift installed in your house can be a great relief for you and your loved ones. There are different kinds of chair lifts and it’s important that you choose the right model that best suits your house. The following is a guide on how to select the chair lift of your choice that best suits your house.

    • Determine the cost contact your health insurance agent to find out if how much they will reimburse.
    • After determining how much money you have to top up to the insurance cover, decide whether you want to rent or to buy a new chair lift. Determine choice which works best for you and then go for it.
    • Decide if you want a new or a reconditioned model. If you are on a tight budget, the reconditioned chair lifts are considered.
    • After deciding on the factors above, the dealers you choose should present you with a list of the available brands and models. Choose the model that best works for you.Try the chair lift to see if it works before buying and go through the warranty to see what is covered by it.
    • It’s important to ask for an estimate from your dealer before they begin the installation process.

It is important to note that there is a difference between the prices of curved and straight staircases. Curved stairs require more time and attention when taking down measurements and during installation and thus are more expensive compared to straight ones. The installation time and prices are all dependent on the model you choose.

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