Bathmaster Deltis Review

The Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift features a slim frame to contour easily to almost any bathtub design, the ability to recline to a 40-degree angle, a waterproof remote, textured rubber pads to prevent slipping and a lithium ion battery that can lift at least six times before needing a recharge. The lift also comes with additional features such as seat and back covers, swivel slide seat and a three-year warranty.


The lift is easy to install and uninstall with large flaps that span out over 28 inches when theyre fully expanded, allowing it to fit comfortably in many tubs. Additionally, the lift itself is easy to use with few buttons on the remote to learn and large buttons to assist those with shaky or arthritic hands. The swivel slide seat also makes access very easy for individuals in wheelchairs.

The lithium ion battery that powers the reclining motion of the lift only requires one hour of charge time to be fully charged, and it can be charged in any home outlet.

The lift has a robust and sturdy design, making it very safe for elderly individuals, and it doesnt sacrifice comfort to maintain this strength.


The chair is somewhat bulky and takes up quite a bit of room in even larger tubs. It doesnt seem fitted for soaking in the bath and is more suited for everyday washing.

While its a perfectly beautiful lift for smaller and medium sized tubs, the installation may be difficult for larger ones as the flaps many not be wide enough to reach the edges of the bathtub properly.

While the battery life is reasonable, the lift only reclines and inclines six times per charge. People who have difficult finding a setting that they feel is comfortable may end up draining the battery easily.


This is one of the best lifts that you can get for your bathtub. Its safe, easy to install, easy to use, high-quality, comfortable and is perfectly suitable for everyday needs. As always, check Home Access Products for all your bath lift needs.

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