Acorn Vs. Bruno – Which Stairlift company is better?

  If you’re reading this its because you, or someone you know, needs a stair lift. A stairlift goes by many names, including: stair chair, stairway chair,or chairlift. I’ve even heard the phrase stairway chair lifter (try saying that 10 times fast). However you refer to them, they all do the same thing: [...]

Bathmaster Deltis Review

The Bathmaster Deltis Reclining Bath Lift features a slim frame to contour easily to almost any bathtub design, the ability to recline to a 40-degree angle, a waterproof remote, textured rubber pads to prevent slipping and a lithium ion battery that can lift at least six times before needing a recharge. The lift also comes with additional [...]

Bellavita Bath Lift Review

Bath lifts are designed to substitute walk on baths, and they can help the disabled and elderly get in and out of the bathtubs easily and safely. Nowadays, there are numerous bath lifts from as a number of brands and Bellavita is one of the most popular. This article looks at what Bellavita has to [...]

Minivator Bath Bliss 311 Review

There are many different brands of lifts on the market. It can be hard picking the right one, but one of the greatest things about the Minivator Bath Bliss 311 is the ease of installation. Many customers will tend to pick this bath lift over others because they don’t have to deal with a complicated [...]

Acorn 120 Stair Lift Review

For many individuals with home mobility issues, a two-story home can be more of a burden than a luxury. But stair lifts are a novel way to expand the accessibility to all floors for home owners with leg problems. Often referred to by its manufacturer as The Cadillac of Straight Electric Stair Lifts, Acorn Stair [...]

Selecting a Home Chair Lift

Diseases and old age can make it difficult and impossible to climb the stairs in your home. There is however, a solution to this problem. Having a chair lift installed in your house can be a great relief for you and your loved ones. There are different kinds of chair lifts and it’s important that [...]