Finding the Best Mobility Scooter

Finding the best mobility scooter for seniors and the disabled involves evaluating what you need it for and determining the model that best fits your needs. These electric scooters allow seniors and the disabled to move around with ease, and allow them to continue with many of the freedoms that they deserve.

In order to make the best personal evaluation for your needs, you’ll have to think about what features are important to you.

These questions might help you narrow down the best mobility scooter for you.

What are the safety features?  

Non-tip wheels, an easy to use brake, and an easy to use single-hand controller all make a mobility scooter safer.

What’s the turn radius?

The three-wheeled models have a tighter turn radius, but they are made for in-home use.

What’s the life of the battery? 

Some batteries offer 6-8 miles of usage. Some go as high as 30. Battery life becomes a more significant factor for outdoor use.

What surface do you want it to drive on? 

Some scooters are only built for indoor use, while others are made for sidewalks or road use.

Can I take it with me? 

Some models can be folded up and moved by automobile.

Leading Mobility Scooter Brands 

A mobility scooter is a significant decision, so it’s important to do your research. In our experience these are some of the leading brands with high-quality mobility scooters:

  • Spitfire
  • Prowler
  • Phoenix
  • Bobcat
  • Cobra

Determining the Best Mobility Scooter for You 

If you’re looking for the best mobility scooter, determine how you are going to use it, and which benefits and features matter the most to you. Talk with one of our friendly experts, and we’ll be happy to help you select a model that is right for you and your lifestyle. Contact us today!


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