Common Workplace Challenges for the Disabled

Workplace challenges for the disabled are a common occurrence. They often happen as early as the job hunting or interview process. When a disabled person finds employment, they may still encounter a new set of complex challenges.

Below are some of the common challenges that the disabled find in the workplace.

Accommodations May Be Hard to Obtain

Your employer may have been aware of your disability before they hired you. But that doesn’t always mean they are ready and willing to make necessary accommodations. Whether it be specific technological accommodations to complete a task, or added time, employers may feel that it’s difficult to “make exceptions.”

A Lack of Understanding from Coworkers or Colleagues

Unaware or insensitive coworkers are a fact of life when it comes to the workplace. But when you have necessary accommodations in place, it can often draw unneeded commentary from those around you. Added time to complete tasks may make coworkers feel resentful. Technological accommodations may make others want the same.

Lack of Support for Invisible Disabilities 

Depression, autism, chronic pain, and other disabilities are not noticeable from looking at the person. Colleagues, coworkers and management may have a lack of empathy that results in insensitive or flat out disrespectful comments.

Not Being Given the Chance to Prove Your Capabilities

Management and colleagues may make certain assumptions about workers with disabilities. When a bigger job is needed, they may pass over the worker with a disability, making assumptions that can be unfair.

Constantly Needing to Prove Your Worth

A disabled person may have to work twice as hard on the jobs that they are more than capable of doing, to simply prove their worth. People misunderstand the disability and what jobs the employee is capable of doing.

Workplace challenges for the disabled pose a consistent set of problems on the job. Employers need to do everything they can to make sure they are accommodating their workforce and making all employees feel welcome.

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