Creating an Accessible Bathroom Without a Remodel

An accessible bathroom is crucial for any home with a senior or disabled resident. When someone loses aspects of their mobility, there are often activities in their daily life that are taken for granted. Simple tasks like showering, bathing or even using the toilet present unforeseen challenges. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [...]

Best Cities for Successful Aging in 2014

The Milken Institute recently released their study Best Cities for Successful Aging, which analyzes how cities are addressing the growing population of older adults and how they enable people to age independently and productively, with security and good health. Since Americans are getting older and living longer, cities need to step up to the plate when [...]

Mental Activities that Prevent Dementia

As people age, they become more at risk for developing dementia. However, research has shown that participating in mentally challenging leisure activities may reduce the risk of dementia in elderly people. Mental activities that require multitasking, communication, interaction, or organization offer the greatest benefits to your brain. Being mentally engaged lowers your beta amyloid levels, a protein that [...]

Research Shows Boomers Choosing to Age at Home

In a recent study from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, researchers have found that a majority of people over age 45 would like to stay in their current homes as long as possible. However, while more aging Americans want to age in place, many homes still lack basic accessibility features for aging adults with disabilities, such [...]

Heart Healthy: Tips for Maintaining a Strong Heart

Cardiovascular disease is the largest cause of death across the world, and on World Heart Day on September 29, many people around the world work to promote heart disease awareness, risks, prevention measures, and more. In honor of World Heart Day, here are tips for maintaining a healthy heart as you age: Start with your [...]

Five Ways to Plan for Aging at Home

According to a 2010 survey by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), nearly 75% of respondents (all of whom were aged 45 and older) strongly agreed with the statement “what I’d really like to do is stay in my current residence for as long as possible.” But in order for your loved ones to [...]

Increased Disease Risks of Aging in a Nursing Home

When your parents begin to age, you and your family are faced with the difficult decision of whether to help your parents age in a nursing home or in the comfort of their own home. While you will consider factors such as cost, comfort, socializing, and more, you will also want to consider disease risk, [...]

Earth Day 2014: How the Environment Impacts Aging

  On Earth Day, we take a moment to consider how our actions impact the Earth; however, it’s also important to take note of how the environment can affect aging. The Environmental Protection Agency states that its mission is “to protect human health and safeguard the natural environment,” going on to clarify that this means [...]

Keys to a Longer Life

  Want to live longer? Recent longevity studies have uncovered some characteristics and behaviors of longer lives. The average American life expectancy is currently 78.7 years, and what’s more, longevity studies have shown that there are certain healthy behaviors and personality traits that can help you achieve that long, full lifespan. Personality and Positivity One [...]