How to Choose the Right Bath Lift

How to choose a bathtub lift

When your loved one is aging at home, one of the most important areas to modify is the bathroom. Aging adults will want to maintain their privacy and independence in this area of the home, and buying and installing a bath lift can make this possible.

If this is your first time buying a bathtub lift, you may have some questions about the process. Here’s how to choose the right bathtub lift for aging at home.

1. Measure your bathtub to determine what size lift you should buy. Measure the bathtub’s depth, width, and length to determine which size of bathtub lift will fit in your bathtub. Take into consideration the user’s weight and make sure that the bathtub lift you order will accommodate the needed capacity.

2. Think about what kind of installation you’ll be able to complete. Some bathtub lifts may require a professional installation; the bathtub lifts from Home Access Products can be assembled and installed in less than ten minutes and without any tools. Furthermore, they use suction cup attachments to hold the lift in place while in use; therefore, make sure that the surface of your bathtub is compatible with suction cups. Some textured surfaces may not be compatible with a suction cup; the surface must be flat and non-porous.

3. Consider how you want your bathtub lift to be powered. Bathtub lifts are either water powered or battery powered; water powered bath lifts raise the bather by filling and draining water in a bladder under the seat portion of the lift, while battery powered bathtub lifts use rechargeable batteries to lift and lower the seat. Most battery powered bathtub lifts will not lower unless they have enough battery power to raise up again, so regular charging is recommended for reliable use. Some, such as the Bathmaster Deltis Bath Lift with Blue Cover and Premium Charger, allow approximately six lifts from one full charge and can be fully recharged in just one hour.

4. Think about whether you’ll need any additional accessories for your bathtub lift. For example, will the bather need a transfer device to get to the middle of the bathtub lift seat? Does your bathtub lift have a padded backrest and seat? Will you need any extra batteries or a headrest? Consider these extras before you make your final decision about which bathtub lift to purchase.

One thing you may be curious about is the difference between bathtub lifts and walk-in bathtubs. At Home Access Products, we recommend bathtub lifts instead of walk-in bathtubs for several reasons:

1. Bathtub lifts are much cheaper than walk-in bathtubs- a bathtub lift will start at around $350, while a walk-in bathtub can cost around $2,200- which doesn’t even include any of the necessary bathroom remodel costs.

2. Bathtub lifts are more convenient because the bather is able to get into a bathtub full of warm water, rather than having to get in, wait for the tub to fill up, bathe, and then wait for the water to drain before exiting.

3. Bathtub lifts are also portable (you can bring them when traveling or when staying with friends and family), and if you plan on eventually selling your home, you’ll be able to easily remove the bathtub lift for showings, whereas a walk-in bathtub may be a deterrent to potential home buyers.

Whether you have a parent aging at home or recovering from a surgery, a bathtub lift will make life much easier by allowing them to bathe independently. If you have more questions about how to buy and install a bathtub lift, we’re happy to talk with you at any time!

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