How Do I Create a Wheelchair Accessible Entrance In Time For Thanksgiving?

Creating a wheelchair accessible entrance to your home in time for Thanksgiving is probably easier than you might think…

You’ve got the meal all planned out, and the major trip to the grocery store completed. You’re ready to soak in some football with the family, and you’re even prepared for Uncle Bob’s predictable political rants.

There’s just one thing that you may have overlooked. Your grandmother will require a wheelchair accessible entrance to get into the house. How did you miss this?

There are several ways that you can accomplish this quickly. You won’t need to make any expensive modifications, and whatever you do can be easily taken down after it is no longer needed.

First, let’s take a look at some of your options:

Consider all Entry Points: Maybe your front door stairs are prohibitive, but how is the back? If you have a sliding glass door and a patio, this may be easier. Make sure that you consider all entry points to the home. Maybe solving your dilemma is as easy as using a new entry point.

Lifting: Do you have a few able-bodied people strong enough to lift grandma up the stairs in her wheelchair? This can be an efficient way to solve the problem, but use caution. We don’t want anything to happen while she’s under your care.

Plywood: A sheet of plywood might work, but only for a small incline. You should probably use caution with this option as well. It’s important to consider the thickness of that plywood versus the weight of the wheelchair, and those guiding her up the stairs.

Rent a Ramp: This is your safest bet for quickly creating a wheelchair accessible entrance. There are ramp options that are built to meet any set of outdoor stairs, or any patio. From 1-2 steps, to more elaborate setups, you can rent a ramp at RampNow that will complete the job just in time for Thanksgiving.

One final tip for making the entrance to your home wheelchair accessible – make sure that you measure the width of the door, versus the width of the chair. A ramp won’t fix that problem.

Good luck with all your preparations for the holiday dinner!

If you’re looking to rent a ramp in time for Thanksgiving, contact us today!

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