6 Considerations for Choosing a Retirement Location

When it comes to choosing a retirement location, it’s easy to close our eyes and picture palm trees and the sand of a beach between our toes.

While the climate, weather and location can be an influence, there are other factors to consider. It’s important to take all factors into account, and make a more informed decision of where and how you want to spend your senior years.

For example, a large, 5-bedroom beachfront property may offer a tempting location. But it would likely require significantly more maintenance than you’ll want to put in.


Factors for Choosing a Retirement Location 

Proximity to Healthcare – As you consider where you want to spend your retirement years, access to a nearby hospital can provide a significant benefit. It generally helps your housing values, but can also become a tremendous asset when you’re in need of healthcare.

Safety – This can be a significant concern as you look to where to spend your senior years. It’s a good idea to evaluate the crime data for any perspective city that you would like to move to. Online searches and local police departments can give you more insight into this information. Just keep in mind there are good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods just about anywhere you’ll want to move.

Climate and Weather – This is everybody’s favorite consideration when it comes to choosing a retirement location. Florida and Arizona are extremely popular retirement states for this reason. Life is more pleasant in the warm weather and sunshine. However, if your primary concern is that you don’t want to shovel snow, you can always look at a town home with a homeowner’s association that covers basic landscaping.

Downsizing – The idea of a smaller home with less maintenance is an enticing one as you spend time choosing a retirement location. This is a good consideration for many. If your primary concern is wheelchair accessibility or aging in place, there are many products out there that may make your current location more inhabitable. For example, a basic wheel chair ramp may be all it takes to stay in your current location.

Family and Friends – It’s important to consider whether you are the type of person who can move somewhere that you don’t know anyone in your retirement years. Family, friends, or some type of support system can make living in a new city much easier. 

Intellectual and Social Stimulation – Nobody wants to move somewhere and immediately be bored. Before you make the commitment for a retirement location, check to see if there is theater, sports, or good restaurants nearby. When you’re choosing a retirement location, it’s important to find a place that will provide fulfillment.


It’s tempting to want that perfect climate and consistently warm weather as we plan out the future – and maybe that’s something that will still work. But make sure you are evaluating the complete picture as you are choosing your retirement.

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